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4 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

4 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

I’ve known many people that have it completely together except when it comes to one thing: finances. This seems to be a blind spot to many. But the ability to simplify your fiances can be one of the best ways to an easier and simpler life.

How do you do it? 

While I offer 4 tips on simplifying your finances below, it’s important to remember that patience (and not expecting overnight success) is the key to simplifying this area of your life.

Making progress in this one area is important, even though it may take years to get where you want to be. That’s OK. The closer you get, the simper your life will be.

Want a few tips on how to do it? Here you go:

Simplify Daily Routines for Kids: 4 Steps to Cut the Chaos

Simplify Daily Routines for Kids: 4 Steps to Cut the Chaos

Do you want to know my two least favorite parts of the day are?

1. In the morning when my kids are getting ready for school.

2. When the kids are getting ready to go to bed (this one is much lesser because their is not such a rigid time table associated with it!).

Words can’t describe how many times I’ve felt like my blood pressure has gone through the roof during these times! But, I’ve implemented a few routines that leave me actually able to have time to get on Twitter on my phone in the morning while they get ready. These daily routines for kids are crucial to successful mornings and evening in my home.

For me? That equals success!

I Can’t Believe He Said “That!”: Dealing with Unfair Criticism

I Can’t Believe He Said “That!”: Dealing with Unfair Criticism

Words are powerful things. They can be used as weapons or as soothing tools to comfort someone. It all depends on the person saying it and their intent behind what is coming out of their mouth.

The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” simply isn’t true. Words hurt. Even if they aren’t said with the intention to do so, words can feel like a sword through the heart.


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